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Welcome to the number one and the first fansite of the great open source game: SuperTux. This site will have lots of goodies for any fan, tips, level secrets and you can upload (or send me) and download other players levels. For those who don't know, SuperTux is a Super-Mario-like game starring the Linux mascot: Tux.

What's New? - Update: 14th November 2009

Sadly its time for the end. Over the past few years sadly this site has become neglected, reasons for this are a bit of depression, other things I have had to deal with and a few months ago I had a HDD crash where I lost a bunch of levels I hadn't yet uploaded I DID have a backup btu when I went to restore it I found the backup had also become corrupted beyond repair. That didn't help my mood much getting abck into the site, so I've decided I will slowly shutdown the site, can grab levels you have not yet downloaded.
Again I am VERY sorry I have not taken care of this site, but life doesn't like going the right way all the time. Maybe one day I will restart a newer better one, but for now its the end. So best wishes to everyone. :)

Special Thanks

A special thankyou, goes too the creators of SuperTux for making such a great game and thanks also should be said for the graphics for which they also made that is used on this site. Another thanks should also go out to Larry Ewing the creator of Tux.